We are Coleman Clough Mortgages. An independent UK Mortgage broker based near Leeds. We specialise in property purchases, remortgages, buy to let, mortgages for the self employed, first time buyer mortgages and commercial loans.

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Malcolm and Julie were both really helpful and responsive. Malcolm’s advice was really good and we trusted him instantly. Julie kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend their services and would definitely use them again even though we are moving away from the area.

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Had a fantastic service from Malcolm and Julie for our 1st mortgage. Our situation for applying for a mortgage wasnt a simple one and Malcolm went through all the options and scenarios with the lenders and came back promptly with offers. We also had tight timescales to exchange on the property which they handled in there stride, communication was great and was informed throughout the process. Highly recommended.

Malcolm and Julie were fantastic going above and beyond what was expected. Malcolm has saved us a lot of money by finding us a great deal when we were expecting to have to pay a specialist mortgage rate. Both have been at the other end of the phone/emails whenever we've needed them. We'd highly recommend using Will Assist for your mortgage needs.

I was impressed by the service I received from these brokers - I really didn't know where to start and they were very clear,honest and professional in the way they guided me through the process.

Great knowlendge and valuable service from the first phone call.

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Getting a mortgage is the biggest and most important financial decision of your life. If you're like most people, you'll be paying off your mortgage loan for years to come. So it's important that you understand the key aspects of your mortgage and know the true cost of your investment. However, at C&C Independent Mortgage Brokers, we meet hundreds of people who make the mistake of focusing only on how much money they can borrow. For them, the actual cost of borrowing becomes a secondary consideration.

Two very big decisions! Buying a home is probably one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. The next important decision is selecting a mortgage. By using C&C Independent Mortgage Brokers, you could save thousands of pounds in costly mistakes and common pitfalls. We are independent brokers. We can source mortgages from the whole of the U.K.'s mortgage market. This means that a we look at every product available on the market today and select the right product for you. We can access mortgages from specialist lenders tailored for your individual needs.

The Bank of England's base rates have been low for years. This means it's a great time to move forward with remortgaging. With our help, you'll be able to secure a product with a very low rate for the immediate to medium term future. If you have balances on credit cards you might find that you are paying a very high interest rate. It could be beneficial in terms of your outgoings to build this into a remortgage. That way, you'll be able to lower your monthly payments. This could apply to other forms of credit such as personal loans, store cards, car finance etc.

Not too long ago it was relatively easy for a self-employed person to get a mortgage with what was know as self-certification or more commonly self-cert mortgages. However, these products have dwindled and are now no longer available, even to independent mortgage brokers. Of course, there are many differences between mortgage lenders in their criteria regarding applicants who work for themselves. And this is where a mortgage broker comes in! Normally, a lender will want you to have been self-employed for two to three years but it is also possible to obtain a mortgage through a mortgage broker with only one years' proof of income available.

Borrowing money secured on your property is an alternative method of raising funds to a remortgage. The secured loan lender places a legal charge on your property. They sit behind your mortgage lender in terms of legal preference should a sale of your property ever be needed to redeem the loans. In other words, your mortgage lender has the first charge on the property and the secured loan lender has the second charge. The terms are often more preferable than an unsecured loan. With this set up, the lenders will often allow individuals to borrow more than is allowed under a personal loan if there is enough equity in the property and the loan is affordable.

We have specialist Lifetime Mortgage Advisors, who are fully qualified to help you work your way through the variety of choices. Is it better to have no monthly payment or a small monthly payment? What will a lump sum do to my tax or benefit position? Should I do it at all? Many lenders are not keen to lend to people over 55 and trying to find the best route for you can be a nightmare. We will spend as much time as you need going through the options, helping guide you to the solution that suits you.

Are you ready to talk with a professional, authorised, and FCA-regulated mortgage broker in York? Then you have come to the right place. We cover the York area and can search the whole of the market, including High Street and lesser known banks, to find the right mortgage for your budget and circumstances. Therefore, it makes sense to have an experienced and qualified independent mortgage broker help and guide you with such an important financial decision. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

With both employed and self-employed people the requirement is that you can prove your income. This usually means wageslips it you're employed or certified accounts if you're self-employed. If you do self assessment all you need are your SA302 forms from the Inland revenue to prove your income. You can request these direct from HMRC. The minimum deposit you should be aiming for is 10%. It may be possible to get 95% for first time buyers accessing the government's "Help To Buy" equity loan scheme, and there are now a good choice of standard mortgage products available with just a 5% deposit.