Mortgage ID are professional mortgage, loan and insurance brokers with over 100 years combined specialist experience within our team of advisers. We will find the best deal for you and guarantee our recommendation in writing. We access every UK lender and offer an advice and recommendation service. Our First time buyers team is the best in Cardiff while our commercial and buy to let mortgage team offer 100's of exclusive rates through out specialist lending partners. Our advice is completely FREE and without obligation. Try us today.

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  • Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, South Wales Valleys, Bristol, South West

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  City Cardiff
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  Address Paragon House, 13 St Andrews Crescent
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Mortgage ID are independent Mortgage and Insurance brokers established in 1999 with highly trained professional advisers serving clients throughout the UK. We specialise in arranging mortgages for first time buyers, next time buyers and for property investors seeking funding. We have high level contacts within all UK lending institution and can be relied upon to place the business others can't. Our insurance division offers completely independent advice on all personal, family and business needs.

Mortgage ID are acclaimed FCA regulated independent mortgage, loan and insurance brokers, established in 1999 and headquartered in Cardiff with highly trained advisers serving all of the UK. Mortgage ID's experts have direct access to every bank, building society, specialist lender and insurance company in order to find the keenest mortgage or insurance deal for you. We guarantee our advice to be accurate and to be the most suitable for your circumstances. Mortgage ID guarantees that any product we recommend will be your Best Option on the day we searched the market for you.

There are lots of types of insurance policies available to protect you, each have their own benefits and features. Before you invest in protection you should be clear about what you want to protect and the risks that you run from your lifestyle and family history. Clearly the younger you are the less likely you are to suffer a serious illness which could lead to long term incapacity or death. As a consequence, protection costs will be considerably lower than if you were middle aged or older. No matter when you start and how much you wish to protect, all insurance plans have one thing in common - they provide peace of mind and protect the things that are important to you.

A secured loan is another name for a mortgage. It can be either a first or second ranking charge depending on the client's circumstances. They are sometimes called homeowner loans or collateral loans but in all cases they provide a way to borrow large sums of money quickly using the equity the applicant holds in their home or rental property. By securing the loan against the equity in the property the lender protects themselves against the applicant failing to make the contractual repayments. Secured loans can be for as little as 1,000 or as much as 2,500,000 depending on the equity held.

Life insurance, also known as term insurance or life assurance will provide a sum of money in the event of death during the term of the policy. This cash lump sum is paid tax free and can be used by your dependents however they choose. A Level Term Assurance policy is where the amount of cover (also known as the "sum assured") stays the same throughout the length of the policy. Both the sum assured and the term are set at the start of the policy. Level term assurance is often taken out to help pay off a mortgage and is most suited to interest only mortgages, where the amount owed does not decrease over time.

Every lender's reduced cost mortgage deal will eventually come to an end. If yours has already ended you will find yourself on your lender's less economical standard variable rate. This is an ideal opportunity to completely review you mortgage arrangements. You may be eligible for a better deal, or you may wish to borrow back some of the equity you have built up in your home to carry out home improvements or pay back more expensive debt. Whichever, refinancing your loan is a sensible thing to do.

That's why our clients regularly tell us that using Mortgage ID's skilled independent brokers was the best decision they made. We cut through the marketing jargon of the banks, building societies and insurance companies and make sure our clients get impartial, accurate and speedy information they can trust. By putting your trust in an expert with contacts with every lender and insurer you make the task of getting the best deal a certainty not a gamble. The big question that every first time buyer needs to know is "how much can I borrow".

Whether this is your first rental property or your thirtieth, working with a well-connected independent mortgage broker always saves money and streamlines the buying process. Our buy to let team makes buying simple and because we are totally independent, you get access the entire market. Mortgage ID are experts in arranging amazing deals that exactly match your needs. Whether you want to buy in your personal name or through a limited company, we'll investigate every possible option. We are delighted to with your accountant to ensure tax efficiency and we deal with hundreds of solicitors so we can recommend a good one at the right price.