A mortgage in today's society is the only way to be able finance the purchase of a house, unless you are very lucky and you have a substantial amount of capital to be able to buy a house outright. There are many different types of mortgage available that will offer the borrower different types of payment rate and term. The most common type of mortgage is a repayment mortgage where the borrower will pay off the loan of the money plus the interest that is accruing on the money.

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Lenders obtain most of their mortgage business via brokers rather than through their branch network or direct (source: Council of Mortgage Lenders). Through Mortgage Networks and Clubs we have access to exclusive deals and products that are not available by applying to the lender direct. These can be cheaper rates, lower fees or incentives such as cashback or a free valuaton. There are also lenders who only offer products through brokers and that the public cannot obtain on their own.

We source products from the whole of the mortgage market. The main difference between this and a broker offering independent advice is that under Financial Service Authority (FSA) rules, Independent brokers will offer the client the ‘option' of paying a fee, with any commission being refunded to the client.

It is very important to Mortgage Hound that you understand the deal you are applying for and why it is the best route for you. An expert adviser can take you through all of the mortgage options that are available to you and explain them in plain English.

If there are any issues we will present your circumstances in the best possible light and overcome any problems for you. Mortgage Hound has strong links with the lenders and can escalate your case internally.

None of us know what is around the corner, but it is whilst our lives are going well that plans should be made. The effects of death, illness or redundancy can be devastating. With the right protection policy in place you can provide for yourself and your family to avoid additional worries about your finances. For most people, their mortgage is their largest financial commitment. Should the worst happen, it would be reassuring to know that your mortgage payments will be maintained or that you or your dependants will receive a cash free lump sum.