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Alexander Cameron Ltd is a family firm of Mortgage Brokers and Independent Financial Advisers, based primarily in Cornwall and Somerset. Our Financial Advisers have combined experience of over 35 years in the industry. We tailor recommendations to you as individuals and pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients understand all options fully before making any committment. We can arrange mortgages or we can also offer a full financial review, should you wish. Our recommendations are made having researched the whole of the market. You can therefore be assured that you will receive the right product to suit your circumstances.

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Mortgages are one of the largest single transactions in most people’s lives. Buying a property can be a stressful and time consuming experience; nowadays the financing of a mortgage is a case of finding and selecting the most suitable mortgage, rather than simply accepting a lender’s offer.

Banks, building societies and smaller niche lenders compete for your business, all offering a variety of interest rate deals, associated fees and other enhancements to attract borrowers.

The two main methods of paying a mortgage are repayment (capital and interest) and interest-only. It is also sometimes possible to set this up using a combination of the two.

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We are able to deal with your Personal Financial Planning, from Investments and Retirement Planning to Mortgages and Protection. We also advise on Trustee Investments and Corporate Financial Planning such as Shareholder Protection and Company retirement Planning. Our site has some basic information which you may find useful, however, most clients prefer to meet face to face to discuss any questions that they might have or advice that they may require. If you would like us to contact you, please provide your details using the ‘Contact Us' tab and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Alexander Cameron are a small firm of Independent Financial Advisers, priding ourselves on offering professional, yet personal advice. Our advisers have many years experience dealing with personal clients as well as companies who require help with pensions and succession planning. We work on your behalf, gathering information about your objectives and goals before presenting our recommendations for your consideration. You have a choice of how you can pay for advice. This can be through agreed fees, commission from product providers or a combination of the two.

Whether you are looking at investing in a pension, an investment bond or ISA (Individual Savings Account), you might consider using investment funds. A fund is capital belonging to numerous investors, held in one place and used to collectively purchase securities, while each investor retains ownership and control of his own shares. Buying large numbers of shares or achieving a portfolio of investments may well be beyond most average investors so they effectively club together to increase their purchasing power.

Bank Accounts- current accounts may offer a very low rate of interest (if any) but they are the most flexible in terms of accessing your money. Banks also offer savings accounts with higher interest rates and notice accounts with competitive interest rates, but you may have to give a certain amount of notice before making a withdrawal (60 or 90 days perhaps), or you must agree to invest the money for a set period. National Savings & Investments - these are generally considered low risk as they are government backed.

This policy is designed to provide an income in the event the insured individual is unable to work due to ill health. The level of premium will depend upon the amount of benefit and term selected. Most policies cease to pay the benefit once the insured is able to return to work. Income protection policies are usually written to retirement age or 60 if earlier. ASU policies were traditionally sold to accompany mortgages, allowing for a regular income to be paid to the insured should they be unable to work due to ill health, an accident or lose their job.

A business may want to protect the key employees within their firm - perhaps the key salesperson, or the IT manager, without whom the business would not function properly. Keyperson / shareholder / partnership protection can provide a fixed sum should the individual be unable to work, or even die. The benefit will be designed to cover the firm's expenses in meeting any emergency costs, recruiting a replacement employee and protecting the future of the business. If a shareholder were to pass away, the firms remaining shareholders or directors may want to purchase the deceased's shares from their estate promptly to maintain control of their business.

Financial products are sometimes at their most useful when they are protecting our families, our incomes or our property. Whilst insuring ourselves against an undesirable event such as sickness or death, may not be a pleasant thing to think about, the benefit of being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times cannot be overlooked. There are various ways in which a family can protect itself, and because of the large range of products available, there is usually an appropriate policy for most circumstances, and most budgets.

From childhood, most of us are told to put away money to save for the future - perhaps for something special; or maybe to be sure that when we really need something we have the funds to acquire it, without taking on debt. People's aims are broadly the same; to provide for future needs, and to protect ourselves against unexpected expenditure, events and inflation. When planning your finances, it is important to distinguish between savings and investments. Savings are generally funds that you set aside that can be accessed relatively quickly.